21st March 2023

Cambridge Union ‘better value than ever’, says new President Michael O’Leary


The Ryanair boss announced that non-members will be able to attend a number of Union events for free this term as part of its new Ryanair+ scheme.

O’Leary, elected Union President after pledging to improve accessibility and diversity, said: “We’ll be offering students on full Cambridge bursaries the chance to attend what we think are some of the best events on our termcard. These include talks from notable figures such as the Singing Binman of King’s Parade, the guy who sells The Big Issue outside Sainsbury’s and one of the bouncers from Cindies.”

The Union’s termcard reads: “The free events can be viewed via video link in the Union’s back rooms. For a small extra charge of £25, non-members will be able to view these events within the chamber itself.

“Please note that seating is not included in this charge, but can be purchased at a very reasonable rate of £15, plus an extra £5 for every kilo of body weight over our limit of 250 grams.

“Charges for leg-room start from £30 and toilets can be used for £3 (£5 for poos).”

Union Access Officer Emily Milton added: “We’re also pleased to announce that we have radically slashed our full membership price to £150, plus a small admin fee of £250.

“New members will have access to our full programme of exclusive inclusive events, such as Katie Hopkins and Ken Livingstone debating ‘Which Abrahamic faith is the worst?’ and a 16-hour Q&A with the Prince of Lichtenstein.

“We are confident that all these changes will make the Union open, accessible and appealing to the entire student body.”