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18th January 2018

Fall of TCS threatens Western democracy and freedom

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First the Independent, now TCS – what next for print journalism?

Following CUSU’s decision to cut funding to TCS last night, editors of the paper have condemned the move, claiming that freedom of speech across Europe is now in grave danger.

Marcus Atherton, the current Editor of the paper said: “Along with Stephen Hawking, the University Press and the Fitzwilliam museum, we do not think it is an exaggeration to count The Cambridge Student among the University’s greatest ever institutions. Every time I walk through the Porter’s Lodge and see huge piles of TCS sitting there, waiting to be read, I’m struck by an enormous sense of pride. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I ever saw someone picking up a copy.”

Emily Milton, one of the first editors of the paper, said: “I am proud of the role I played in setting up the last great British newspaper of the 20th century. When TCS was founded in 1999, we wanted the university community to have a weekly, printed paper covering news in Cambridge. Then we discovered Varsity. But we pressed on nonetheless.

“We have a proud record of covering other news outlets in Cambridge, often publishing their scoops just a week after other papers do. We like to think we have inspired services such as 4OD and BBC iPlayer.

“But, shamefully, CUSU has now jeopardised the paper that has brought readers such hard-hitting investigations as ‘A Day in the Life of a Cambridge Pigeon’ and ‘A Loving Guide to Procrasturbation’. Our long legacy of protecting student democracy is in peril.”

Will someone wrote this ever write again?

Will someone wrote this ever write again?

While TCS’ writers and editors have taken to social media to protest against the cuts, a global movement has also been emerging in support of the paper, with world leaders planning to march arm in arm down King’s Parade in a show of solidarity.

Syria peace talks have been postponed until justice can be found for TCS and it is believed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been auditioning for the lead role in an upcoming epic thriller about the paper’s demise.

Regular TCS columnist ‘Someone Wrote This’ could not be reached for comment.

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