25th September 2022

Revealed: CUSU President called for NSS boycott to increase his chance of winning iPad


Amatey Doku has told students not to fill out the National Student Survey in order to increase his chance of winning an iPad offered in the university’s prize draw, it has been revealed.

Doku has headed the campaign to boycott the National Student Survey (NSS) due to its association with the Teaching Excellence Framework and future tuition fee increases. However, sources close to Doku say his real motivation was to reduce the number of people entered into the university prize draw, which this year offers prizes such as an iPad mini and an iPad Air.

One anonymous source said: “Amatey’s absolutely mad for Apple products. He knows that if he’s the only one who fills in the survey then he’s guaranteed one of the iPads.”

Another member of the CUSU team, who chose not to be named, said: “I was only allowed to complete the survey when Amatey found out there were also three £50 cash prizes to be won. He’s only interested in an iPad though so he made me sign a contract promising to swap if I won one.”

The proposed NSS boycott has been a problematic issue for many students. Third-year History of Art student Emily Milton said: “On the one hand I hate filling out surveys, but on the other I try to always avoid doing what CUSU wants. It’s a real catch-22.”

Other students seem to be unconcerned about the allegations about the CUSU President. Marcus Atherton, a Computer Science student from Queens’, said: “Amatey who? And what’s the NSS? I think my spam filter gets rid of all that stuff automatically.”

In an official statement, CUSU dismissed the accusations towards Doku and hailed the success of the boycott: “Never before have we seen such an impressive campaign turnout. Students are clearly seizing this amazing opportunity to demonstrate political activism by doing nothing at all.”

After being contacted personally for comment, Doku responded: