21st July 2024

Email from the Careers Service: CV-building opportunity at a homeless shelter


Email from the Careers Service, please circulate:

Dear students,

Want to mitigate the fact you go to Cambridge and show there is more to you than stellar grades?  Want a CV that paints you as a rounded individual? Spend just 15 minutes a week helping out at the Mill Road Homeless Shelter.

Gloves, oxygen masks and boiler suits will be provided in case of physical contact. Professionally trained staff will also be on hand to do the jobs for you ensuring you can fill up your CV as efficiently as possible.

Reward your hard work afterwards with a champagne brunch at St John’s paid for by the Careers Service.

Here is what some of the participants in our scheme have said:

“The experience helped increase my overall smugness.” Marcus

“It’s a great way to get out of college and develop another side of you. I really learned a lot from reading stuff on my laptop when I was there.” Emily

“Now I know that I should treat homeless people like human beings, rather than homeless people.” Michael

N.B. We kindly ask students to refrain from arriving in black tie as this has been poorly received in the past.

Interested? Get in touch at:

The Careers Service: taking the care out of careers