21st July 2024

John’s rowers: “We are proud to have the University’s smallest cox”


St John’s M1 announced this week that they officially have the smallest cox of any rowing club in Cambridge.

Speaking at their boat club, captain Richard Littleworth said: “Having measured our cox last week, we can categorically confirm that we have the smallest that Cambridge has ever seen. We hope that this will give us an advantage in the Lent bumps.”

Littleworth said how pleased they were with their cox: “We’ve been very lucky. Despite being so tiny, our cox will always be up in the morning and ready to go.”

After last year’s bumps, in a bid to get rid of any excess weight on the boat, the John’s rowers considered removing their cox entirely. But they found that with their small cox present they could maintain their rhythm and stroke rate and that they were able to finish.

Littleworth went on to reveal how competitive this aspect of rowing can be: “Among rowers, cox size is taken very seriously and leads to some serious insecurities. We are extremely proud to have our tiny cox and we’re feeling very optimistic about the upcoming season.”