17th April 2024

Marcus Atherton sues The Porter’s Log for Libel


Correction: the original headline of this article was ‘Marcus Atherton is a nasty piece of work’, which has since been retracted.

Furthermore, any reference to the fact that Marcus Atherton enjoyed phone calls with his mother has since been retracted. 

Any reference to Stephen Toope, a known associate of Marcus Atherton, has also since been retracted.

The original article featured paragraphs in which Marcus Atherton was quite graphically described as having at least 12 toes. Following a series of long and rather aggressive emails from Mr Atherton’s lawyers, we have decided, independently, to retract these paragraphs from the article.

Any reference to The Man in Black, an unknown associate of Marcus Atherton, has also since been retracted.

The original article stated that Mr Atherton enjoyed a nice dinner party from time to time, typically accompanied by a bottle of claret; this has since been retracted.

As is our usual practice, we did not offer any of the people mentioned in this article a right of reply to any of the accusations levelled at them – the fact that so many of them did reply to this article anyway is further proof that this course of action was the right one, as everyone involved ended up hearing about it. 

An allusion that Stephen Toope may well be a known associate of Marcus Atherton has since been retracted, although we can confirm that it is categorically true.

One reference to the fact that Marcus Atherton might enjoy carnal relations with goats has since been retracted upon request from the Cambridge Caprine Appreciation Society.

We at The Porter’s Log are proud of our work, and stand by our brave and independent reporting. If you know anything about this story, or about how to go about defending yourself from a libel suit, please, please, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

Other references to Marcus Atherton’s suspected enjoyment of carnal relations with goats have also now been retracted.

Following a series of emails from the Cambridgeshire county coroner, any claims that Marcus Atherton exists have since been retracted.


Hardly a Union election goes by without someone making an allegation of minor wrongdoing against a candidate. We have reason to suspect something is happening.

This is a fluid and fast-moving story; if you know anyone who knows anything about anything please get in touch at