21st July 2024

New spin-off series announced: Game of Drones


The series boasts two cleverly intertwining plots. The first features a happy group of villagers from the exotic land of Middle Easteros. The second tells the story of our heroes: an army of brave and daring adventurers who are sat at computers in a shipping container somewhere on a windswept isle, thousands of miles away.

As the tension mounts, we ask ourselves: will the fearless men we are rooting for manage the Herculean task of pressing the spacebar, thus successfully wiping out a thousand villagers’ houses in one precision strike?

Promising hours of thrilling hand-to-keyboard action, and scenes with up to 140 characters, this show is sure to be a blast. Viewers at home can press their own red button for an interactive tour of the devastation wrought by our valiant heroes.