21st July 2024

Marcus Atherton reviews Marcus Atherton’s ADC lateshow


Marcus Atherton reviews this week’s ADC lateshow, Extinction Rebellious by Marcus Atherton:

In line with the recent trend of Cambridge comics performing hour-long sets, Marcus Atherton – who, incidentally, is me – thought it would be a good idea to get in on the act. Marcus combines cutting edge political satire with some of the funniest stories you will ever hear about boarding school.

It’s a real ‘laugh-an-hour show’, which is unfortunate because it’s only 45 minutes long. But Marcus makes up for the lack of laughs by filling the audience with his friends who laugh at anything he says.

Marcus’ comedy heroes include the male gender & Mary Wollstonecraft. No worries if you couldn’t make it: come watch Marcus masturbate in front of a mirror on Tuesday for a similarly self-indulgent performance.

My mate Jamie Lang from Trinity (who, coincidentally, is a Varsity Theatre Reviewer) gave my show 5 stars. In return, I gave Jamie an introductory email to my dad who heads up the corporate team at a Magic Circle law firm. Cheers Jamie – enjoy the work experience.