21st July 2024


Marcus Atherton reviews Marcus Atherton’s ADC lateshow

Marcus Atherton reviews this week’s ADC lateshow, Extinction Rebellious by Marcus Atherton: In line with the recent trend of Cambridge comics performing hour-long sets, Marcus Atherton – who, incidentally, is me – thought it would…

Marcus reviews Maccies

Inspired by the Cambridge Globalist’s recent foray into restaurant criticism, The Porter’s Log asked Trinity student Marcus Atherton for his reflections on the city’s gastronomic scene.

Cambridge Fashion Show 2019 – A Review

Lavender’s own Alex Drayne, acclaimed author of ‘17 surprising facts about crocs’ and ‘9 ways to insert an avocado into one’s body’, returns to explore the Cambridge Fashion Show

The best coffee shop in Cambridge

As Lavender continues its intrepid charge into meaningful, relatable journalism, Alex Drayne spends the week investigating Cambridge’s coffee shops. 

A careerist’s guide to Cambridge

Another year, another round of lies told to the wide eyed new students in Cambridge. ‘Relax’ they say. ‘Enjoy fresher’s week’ they tell Cantabs too young to know any better. ‘Just focus on making friends,’ they…