Vacation not a holiday
18th January 2018


Maths student fails Turing test

Churchill College fresher Marcus Matherton has left scientists shocked after he failed Alan Turing’s renowned test to determine whether a machine could exhibit normal human behaviour. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter

My First Arcsoc: A ‘Doubled Glazed’ Review

As a fresher architecture student, my first few weeks at Cambridge have been rewarding but admittedly confusing. Having already been scolded by my DoS for not wearing dungarees to a supervision and failing to complete…

RAG Blind Date – as it happened

We kept up with Cambridge students’ attempts to find love with complete strangers in the charity event of the year. Relive some of our highlights of the night. 18:35 – Before the first dates of the…

VOTE NOW: Best Thumbs 2016

You’ve sent in your submissions and we’ve chosen the sexiest digits to display, now it’s time to settle once and for all who has the best thumb of 2016. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter

CUSU Nobel Prize application leaked

Just days after CUSU came under fire for its NUS award application, The Porter’s Log has gained access to a letter sent from the union to the Nobel Committee in Norway. It reads: Subscribe to…

Best Thumbs 2016 is here!

It’s that wonderful time of year again. That time when we find out once and for all who has the sexiest opposable flesh rods in Cambridge.  Send in your most salacious thumb pictures to or…