21st July 2024

ArcSoc accuses Homerton of stealing excrement bop theme


ArcSoc has expressed anger that last week’s event at Homerton, which led to the cancellation of future bops, was a direct copy of a party they had planned for the end of term.

‘Excrement Funk Serendipity’ was billed as a ‘supersonic panorama into the creamy vibes of faeces’ but now looks set to be cancelled after Homerton students doused several college buildings in bodily fluids.

ArcSoc Events Chair Tabitha Forsyth-Karma said: “It is absolutely unacceptable for these students to steal our ideas like this. This is a cut and dry case of intellectual property theft.”

The Facebook event, now removed, stated: “Join us as we dip into to the endless plasma of the soul by bathing in the body’s own dark matter. Our DJs have some smooth tracks lined up for you, blending the crunchy basslines of postmodernist disco with the sounds of constipation.”

Ticketholders have expressed disappointment at the loss of what was tipped by Varsity to be “the biggest pile of shit ever seen in Cambridge.”

King’s student Marcus DeAtherton III, said: “Getting a ticket to this ArcSoc event would have been the ultimate prize. I was looking forward to peeing on the walls of an Art Deco portaloo and I’ve already spent the last week in London standing under Nelson’s Column, being shat on by birds for my costume.”

After the event’s cancellation, ArcSoc has brought forward next term’s main event, entitled ‘Intergalactic Bestiality.”