Vacation not a holiday
14th December 2017

Cambridge students put on satanic genital parade at charity fashion show


Students sparked a furore last weekend after a charity fashion show at the Corn Exchange descended into a hedonistic evening of sexual anarchy.

Audience members arrived expecting a pleasant exhibition of young designers’ sartorial talents, but as the first models took to the catwalk, it became clear that this evening would be more strap-on than strapless.

Varsity Fashion Editor Emily Milton, said: “I was okay with risqué bondage gear but I draw the line at medieval torture racks and ritual lamb slaughter. What is worse, the stitching on the hoods of the Latin-chanting pagan priests left a lot to be desired.”

The demand for audience participation was met with shrieks of horror as guests tried to avoid the gaze of the leather-clad compere.

Marcus Atherton, a student at Queens’ College, said: “I was pushing my family towards the exit, but my 80-year-old grandfather was desperate to get involved. When he jumped onto the stage and downed a tub of Viagra I had to pull him off immediately.”

The outrageous exhibition has been widely condemned as inappropriate for public viewing. Stay up to date with The Porter’s Log for 400 high-resolution photos of the event.

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