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18th January 2018

Which Norwegian politician is your college?


The old Norwegian Politician-Cambridge College joke is a fairly common one but we thought we would answer it once and for all!

Whether you’re a fan of Martinsen’s Liberal People’s Party or savour the policies of the Folkeliste mot oljeboring i Lofoten as you would savour a cold glass of hjemmebrent on a søndag afternoon, you’re bound to enjoy this list!

Pembroke College – Tord Lien. Well here is an obvious one to get us started! Like the pretty Trumpington Street college, Tord Lien is the Minister of Petroleum and Energy and was also a member of the Trondheim City Council in 2005. How much more similar could you get?

Magdalene College – Bengt Stabrun Johansen. Yep, you guessed it. The leader of the Coastal Party has fought for the rights of local fisherman and whalers just like this venerable college on the River Cam does.

St Edmund’s College – Einar Lonstad. Okay this one is a way more convoluted than the other ones but basically Lonstad runs the Pensioners’ Party and St Edmund’s is a grad college! Lol!

Sidney Sussex College – Monica Mæland. She lives near a Sainsbury’s haha! As if things couldn’t get any spookier she even had a dispute with the Fremskrittspartiet about the Bergensprogrammet for byutvikling og miljø. Crazy!

Corpus Christi College – Øystein Meier Johannessen. He has fought ferociously against oil drilling Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja, something which students at Corpus can definitely relate to.

Selwyn College – Børge Brende. That’s right Selwyn, you’re not the only ones to have visited Sri Lanka recently with a view to strengthening developmental cooperation and fostering bilateral relations!

St John’s College – Morten Selven. He’s a right winger and everyone hates him.

Stay tuned for more heartwarming lists like ‘Which Celebrity Paedophile is your College?’ and loads more coming soon!

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